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My Story


I landed in New York City as a wide-eyed twenty-year-old from Toronto. I had been excelling as a biochemistry major, on route to medical school and a secure future when the acting bug bit me. Now I was an aspiring actress/dancer determined to pursue my dreams. 


Alone in the city, I spent hours pounding the pavement absorbing my new surroundings. And looking for assurance that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Filled with inspiration and on the road to self-discovery, I longed for ways to express myself, wanting to make my mark, yet stay grounded and true to myself. 

Experimenting with oils was the perfect marriage between creativity and science, an intuitive science! I learned about top notes, middles notes, bottom notes, and accords. I discovered what would become my personal scent, my signature.

The West Village began to change. With that change, the Parisian blending bar closed up. I became determined to reinvent the precious combination of oils that made up my perfume blends, but life got in the way of chasing the memory of a fragrance! I had an acting career, a husband, and a daughter, along with two step-children!

My love for oil blending was reawakened after the passing of my father several years ago. Always an entrepreneur, he had been working with a local winery to create his own special red wine blend.  My sister and I continued to bottle his delicious blend labels and all! 

Although I have experienced much growth and change over the years, the essence of myself that I discovered in New York is still the heartbeat of my expression... 

"Still the Same, Honest to a fault".  

-Lara Daans
Lara Daans | Essence of Lara Perfume Oils | My Story
Arcadia | Essence of Lara | Photoshoot
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