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Is a Fragrance a melody?

Notes in Perfume?

We all hear about this… the notes of a #perfume. What does that really mean? Those who studied music will relate this reference to a kind of musicality, a song per say that the perfume sings? But is that really it? Sure our imagination can run wild with songs our #perfume sings, but truthfully, the notes of a #perfume are marketing tools that are meant to sell a memory in order to sell the perfume.

In acutality, the notes relay very little about what is really in the perfume

What is a note? In #perfumery, it is the evaporations time for the most part. The top note refers to the first smell, what draws you to the #fragrance right away. For instance, citrus is always the first to appear and the first to disappear.

The heart or middle note, is the center of the #fragrance. The heart and soul as they say.

It’s what speaks to us about the #fragrance. Last but not least it ist longest lasting notes, the #base notes, which linger and create the memories of the #perfume. Amber and vanilla are tried and true bases.

The #fragrance industry markets to the imagination. Their campaigns sell an image, a dream, and a chance to experience something you never have before. The idea of a #fragrance is to transport you to another world through the power of the imagination.

Creating a #perfume involves choosing ingredients that will compliment each other and present themselves as an expression of their unique combination. Each perfumer has their own creative process for this and #nicheperfumers such as myself are no different!

All perfumes generally take at least six months create. Then there is the marketing and branding part to deal with. There is much thought and experimentation involved. Striving to be unique, but not alienating. To be different yet not too different.

Many “noses” consider the scents they create as valuable as, well, songs, paintings or poems.

The Bible seems to be in agreement. “And you shall make incense of it, a perfume after the art of the perfumer, seasoned with salt, pure and holy.” (Exodus 30:35). Because perfume is not only an aesthetic creation, but is also an assemblage of molecules, the industry has been open to controversy as far as ownership and royalties resulting in lawsuits not unlike those in the music industry.

When we write a #perfume, at first it is a mental construction. The #scents are the words. The story comes out of these words. Like sentences, there are pauses, transitions and breath. So the #perfume comes out of an idea, in the mind, and then it is expressed through the construction of the raw ingredients which make up the notes. Each sentence of the story has a rythym. Typically, these ingredients are best left to macerate for about 4-6 weeks.

The ingredients in #perfume, with their infinite possiblities, all have a purpose in a blend. By combining #aromas we create imagery, memories, and joy! The sense of smell is the most complex, the only sense that is not only immediate, but transcends time and space.

#Perfumery is an art in that, although we are all seeking natural, environmentally- friendly ingredients, using a combination of high quality #essential oils and man made synthetic ingredients, is the current trend. Many #natural compounds are high in allergens and therefore not safer to use. A good example of this is #Rose oil extract which is high in #allergens and of course #natural. The synthetic rose is more stable and tends to be more universally acceptable.

The allergens found in naturals are hightly regulated and restricted as well by the IFRA.

I have always been a health minded person. In my youth I was both a dancer and a figure skater and lucky for me, my mother was always ahead of the curve as far as health and nutrition

was concerned. As a woman, I am hyper-aware of the toxins our skin absorbs on a daily basis. As diligent as we may be, we are exposed to so many unknown chemicals daily. We attempt to maintain youthful looking skin and present ourselves to the world looking our best so we buy products and hope for the best. We apply countless #cosmetics a day. Even our nails have to be done! As of late, it's the #falseeyelash/#lashextension trend! More stuff to put on your face! UGG!! More allergens. Not to mention hair colour. It's on and on!

I do my utmost to use as many naturals as possible in #essenceoflara products, and I believe that a small amount of a #parabenfree, #phthalatefree, #preservativefree perfume can give one much joy and confidence to face the world, with very little risk! So go ahead and write your own song with a fragrance... here's to #creatingmemories!

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