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Top:  Honeysuckle/Waves

Middle:  Fresh Cut Flowers

Bottom:  Amber/Sweet Vanilla


Inspired by my Libra daughter, “Arcadia” is a carefree and creative scent, uplifting and fresh, with notes to ground and support spirited souls! The essence of Arcadia is to own ones beauty and strength and celebrate self!


Rich, warm bottom notes of Amber and soft Vanilla, combined with a fresh middle note accord of Freesia and Honeysuckle, and a oceanic top note of Sea salt, this scent is long lasting, a little goes a long way.


SKU: 004
  • *Our perfumes are not 100% natural. In addition to using 100% natural essential oils in all our perfume blends, we also use a percentage of man-made fragrance oils, which varies per fragrance when ingredients are not available in nature. If you would like any further information, please feel free to email

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