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Top:  Bergamot

Middle: Oud/ Sweet Tobacco

Bottom:  Amber


Inspired by the fragrant tradition of the Middle East, Damian is a UNISEX fragrance which opens with expressive uplifting notes of a citrusy and tart bergamot, a heart of sweet smoky tobacco, finishing with warm aromas of a rare and precious oud wood oil.


Oud is the most prized and noble wood in perfumery often described as "liquid gold". Damian is noble, punchy, confident and straight up sexy. It's long-lasting and works its magic on your skin for hours and hours. Less is more!


  • *Our perfumes are not 100% natural. In addition to using 100% natural essential oils in all our perfume blends, we also use a percentage of man-made fragrance oils, which varies per fragrance when ingredients are not available in nature. If you would like any further information, please feel free to email

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