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Top:  Osmanthus/ White Peach 

Middle:  Gardenia

Bottom: Amber/Praline


Kalima is my interpretation of the ever sought after perfect gardenia fragrance.  I personally had an aversion to delving into the world of the gardenia with so many incarnations and so many devotees.

I then became obsessed with creating something I could wear and share.

Kalima presents a complete rich and delicious bouquet.  It doesn’t immediately smell like gardenia, instead you get peachy creamy notes right away.   All at once, Kalima immerses you into a white floral spirit.  Sweet but not syrupy, it’s the olfactory equivalent of white chocolate without the calories.  In the dry down, the sweetness retreats, and a delicate amber emerges.  The eau de perfume version is even brighter releasing the perfume elements into the air as quickly as physically possible.  This scent is youthful, the scent of happiness.


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